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by DBK on Сентябрь 1st, 2010


My name is Dmitry Komarov. I started making Russian billiard cues since 1998, and Pool cue since 2004, as my main job. I think I got some experience, and I hope the authority also :). So I decided to create this site, rather blog about billiard cues, I think this theme deserves this.

What I plan to do and what would try to avoid at this blog.

First, there probably will not be a news feeds, they can always be found on specialized sites, but I want to publish some of my observations may be controversial, perhaps critical, but I hope they will help us to understand what is a normal cue, and what is only facade of cue. Also let’s try to understand what a difference in cues for Russian billiards and pool and how they are similar.

Secondly, I try to acquaint you with the Russian billiards. This is interesting and complicated type of billiards, very popular in Russia.
Perhaps will be video with interesting moments, to show how graceful and beautiful could be this game.

Third, really I do not want that my site was perceived as an ordinary virtual store. There is complete in the network. But certainly, I will show my new works, also publish the photo archives here. And most importantly, I always look forward to new orders, and certainly happy to do it, it’s my job and I like it :). Welcome!

I want to thank my advisers, friends and customers for their help and support in my work with pool cues. They are Arnot Q Wadsworth III, Bill Moore (RIP), Alexey Livshits, Jim Baxter, Robert Urbanowski, Julian Sagmeister, Mason Houghland and many others. Many Thanks my friends for your help and support.

Let’s start.

Dmitry Komarov

P.S. I apologize in advance for my bad English. I would really appreciate your comments and corrections.

  1. diego308 permalink

    Dear Dmitry
    Very interesting aspects, you mention about your work, looking forward
    for more.
    Nice, you give your friends a word. I had contact with a few of them,
    you must be happy to have them.
    Markus (a very happy customer)

    PS: you have mail

  2. Jeffrey Weissmann permalink

    Dear Dmitry, I’m glad to find such an accomplished Russian pool cue maker. I adopted a Russian child in 2002 and would love to be able to give him a gift of a pool cue from one of his countryman. His Russian name was Sasha Suvorov. Let me know the best way to correspond with you and how to see examples of your work. Thanks Jeff

  3. Jeff, thank you for your kind words. Email me please
    I’ll be glad to help you.
    Good luck,

  4. Steve Lindstrom permalink

    Dimitry. I’m interested in buying a cue or two from you. I just saw two of your cues in Fresno, California. Please email me to start the process. Thank you, Steve.

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