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Let’s try “to check the harmony with algebra. ” (c) A. Pushkin)

by DBK on Май 28th, 2011

Billiard cue a fairly simple device by design. However, wood is a complex and versatile material, it is not amenable to simple mathematical description. Otherwise, it would be very simple – thought the cue on the computer and made ​​a perfect tool for the game ;).

In my opinion a much more efficient for understanding the processes in a cue would be high-speed video. In Internet are some interesting videos of the process, but some important points are not affected there . First of all, the interaction of cue with Russian heavy billiard ball.

However, only the video does not give a complete picture about the processes occurring in cue shot. Are also important its frequency characteristics, the process of passing waves of compression and tension on it. Bring to your attention an article by Alexander Sorokin about some aspects of these processes.
Investigation in Some Wave Properties of a Billiards Cue

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