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New portion of the HS-video ( Follow and Draw shot)

by DBK on Май 28th, 2011

The new survey focused on Follow and Draw shot. Again a very interesting process. Please note that by Follow and Draw shot sometimes jumps, even when the cue is almost parallel to the table when hit. Cue ball slides on the first moments of the cloth, and then rises above it, without touching the cloth. Jump in the real invisible, but the video clearly shows that the cue ball comes off the surface and some distance “flies” over the cloth. I do not know whether you can interpret it as a mandatory event for such blows. What do you think?

Alexander Sorokin
Today we fixed at the high-speed camera Follow and Draw shot. For some modes could increase the shutter speed up to 19,000 frames per second, it seems this is not the limit. However, to accommodate the camera lens right up to the table top, had to partially dismantle the central pocket.

shutter speed 3200 fps Follow shot (155 MB)

shutter speed 3200 fps Draw shot (143 MB)

shutter speed 9100 fps Follow shot (103 MB)

shutter speed 9100 fps Draw shot (78 MB)

shutter speed 9100 fps Draw shot second take (153 MB)

shutter speed 19000 fps Follow shot close-up (28 MB)

shutter speed 19000 fps Draw shot close-up (28 MB)

If it will be interesting, you can look at the pitiful semblance of non-trivial shots 😀
9100 fps jump (128М)
9100 fps masse (251М)

Kicks collection 🙂
9100 fps Miscue1 (129М)
9100 fps Miscue2 (132М)
9100 fps Miscue3 (237)

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  1. mac rynkiewicz permalink

    I like the draw shot at 19000fps. U kan see a low frequency axial shortening of the cue (ie a moovment of the qtip) that must be due to change in effectiv L due to sideways vibrations, ie not due to compression and uncompression.

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