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Another couple of HS-video. Now 24,000 fps.!!!

by DBK on Июнь 12th, 2011

Another couple of HS-video. Now 24,000 fps. Cool !!!.

Here, the central shot. The first – cue with fenolik tip. This was necessary to have a reference point of contact time of net cue, without a leather tip.

The second video – the cue with a tip MooriM. Cues speed ​​for both videos are approximately equal.
It is clearly seen longitudinal vibrations of cues, which means that there are significant longitudinal waves in cues.

Characteristically, the contact time is almost independent of the impact force in the first case with phenol tip, and is about 0.8 milliseconds.
Contact time the cue with the usual tip depends on the speed of the cue, and the smaller, the higher the speed of the cue. The pictures show the time of contact the cue tip with the cue ball, depending on the speed of the cue.

Re: (The inscriptions on the pictures, vertical axis – contact time (ms), horizontal axis – cue speed (m / s), at the first at the top (Oleg’s cue), the second top (Dmitry Komarov’s cue))

And the video for fun. What happens with hand on V-bridge when is Miscue? Nightmare :).

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  1. mac rynkiewicz permalink

    I like seeing the compression and uncompression of the leather qtip, possibly at say 4000hz.
    I think that some of the axial moovment of the qtip will be due to the sideways vibration of the shaft, ie the 2 ends of the cue will vibrate axially az the cue bends, ie the overall effektiv L of the cue will shorten and return to normal az the cue bends, ie in addition (or subtraction) to the axial cue compression and uncompression due to ball impakt.

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